Notice for BJD Pre-order schedule from January to June.

2015 BJD Pre-order schedule from January to June.

January: 20th~30th.

February: 20th~28th.

*Last order for Jin head.

March: 15th~25th.

April: No pre-order in this month.

May: 15th~25th.

*New limited 1/3 head,U-Hwa(유화,柔華) will release.

*You can oder 68 boy body from this month

June: 15th~25th.

This schedule can be changed.

-All of the pre-order period will start from 0:00 and end on 24:00 of the day.(GMT+9)

-This sale schedule is for Oversea customers. Korean pre-order period may different from this schedule.

-If you are living in China,Hong kong and Tiwan, you can order our dolls in Taobao shop of our official dealer,KH BJD.

Thanks a lot!

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