Notice for Jin re-release,new skin colors and face up fee increase.


We are happy to announce that Jin head is available on this SEP pre-order period.

With many customers request, we desided to re-release Jin head again.

This is last pre-order of Jin head. We will not sell him again in this kind of sale method.

Also, now we have 4 skin colors!

We don’t use “Normal and White“ skin color name anymore, because we think they are not appropriate words to describe skin colors.

1. Milk: former White skin. white with hint of yellow.

2.Vanilla: former Normal skin. (aka, bright normal.)

3.Apricot: Deeper then Vanilla, (aka. deep normal, peachyellow.)

4.Mocha: Golden brown color.(aka. Sunten,ten skin)

Those skin color are available from SEP pre-order.

Mocha color is not available in every order period. We will get Mocha skin doll in roughly every 3 months.

In this SEP pre-order period, It available.

Sorry to tell you we will increase Face-up service fee. It was 45$ before but from SEP, it will be 53$ because our make up artist raise the fee.

We will do our best to give you best service.

September pre-order period will start at 9/20 and end at 9/30.


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